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Unreleased Demos

Ragady Anne released one 7" vinyl on Radio Trash Records, this limited release is still floating around record shops and eBay. There were two versions of that 7", one on blue vinyl and one on black vinyl.

7" track listing: Nim, Faerie, Lupus, Furry, Feit, Freakshow

The 1993 unreleased demos were recorded separately from the songs on the actual 7" - so while NIM is on the 7" this is a different recording. El Rey, Valley Girl, Pushkin, and Tammy were never released.

Unreleased demos track listing: Nim, El Rey, Valley Girl, Pushkin, Tammy

Notes from a Donnas blog over @ The Donnaholics:

Ragady Anne tunes! Whoa! El Rey is sort of a sarcastic jab at people who worship Elvis to drastic measures. It still makes me laugh. My first guitar solo too. Nim is about the horrors of visiting the dentist, and was meant to be the first in a pair, the second one being Nym, with a similar subject matter about going to the doctor. I can't remember if we ever finished that one, and I know we never recorded it. Tammy was the first real Ragady Anne song and we re-arranged it and re-wrote it several times as we got bored easily. It's about a fictional character named Tammy who is totally ignorant on female rights, issues and agendas but claims ever-so-falsely to be a feminist, hence the chorus "Tammy, the NEW feminist." Yes ladies and germs, that was our big hit back then, or at least our most scoffed at and mocked tune. The Inspector Gadget snippet was something we learned at rehearsal as a joke thinking it might be a cool little half-song to play at our show, I was even thinking it would be cool to have it kick into a full band surf version after the initial intro...


All songs copyright © 1993 Ragady Anne. Please contact thedonnas@purplefeatherrecords.com if you have any problems.